An Artist Draws

A Very Fine Line With His Talent

Mr.  Jin. Y. H. grew up in China   a small coast town called

Nanton, northeast of  Shanghai   in the province of Jiangsu.

 At an early age,   Mr. Jin  began to  draw with crayons   on

paper and windows pictures  which expressed his potential

Talent as a mature artist.


Jin under the guidance of international well known Chinese

painter, Guo Yi Wang,  former vice   president of Shanghai

Chinese painting Institute, he started his professional painti-

ng Career taught by the   world known  engraving, RouJian

Shen, vice Chairman  of  the   Chinese Engrave ring Artists

Organization, he has  Developed   his  own unique hair sets

 world recognition and public Interest.







During the past ten   years.  Mr. Jin  has  created  over 100

micro-carvings and   micro-paintings,  such as "Huangshan

Mt." on ivory (2x4mm).Every stroke is vivid and in perfect

harmony. "Pinetrees in  a Cloudy   Valley" is carved  on a

 piece of Ivory the size of  half grain rice, depicting life-like

Mountains full of vitality and  strength. A clear example of

Mr. Jin s talent is his   detailed micro-carving. "The Portrait

of  Rod in". Carve on apiece of ivory the size   of a sesame





Mr. Jin's carvings  and  paintings   are not solely   based on

Traditional Chinese art, he has courageously experimented














with New techniques.

For example, he applied his skills and carved individuals and

Poems from the Tang dynasty onto human hair. Recently he

Carved the comedian Chaplin on a length of white hair. At

the Beginning of 1990. on a half inch strand of white human

hair,Yinhua  carved  "The Portraits of 40 American Presiden-

ts", from Washington to Bush.

He has also  produced    miniature paintings  of royalty from

several Asian and Middle East countries.

On apiece of ivory, the size of a  grain of rice. He used a new

Method of painting called POMO. This the splashing: (PO) of

Ink (MO) onto the   ivory to create   landscape  paintings:"Li

Jiang Mist" and "Dawn on Huangshan Mt". Mr. Jin combined

Traditional ink painting   with oil painting  to produce "Jingou

   Lilies". At the same time that he was doing traditional Painting,

he also createdn   micro-painting,  such as    "The landscape

of Guilin", "The Portrait of an Indonesian"   and "The Portrait

of Clinton".


  Painter Jin , creations  on a human hair “The Portraits   Of 42  

 American Presidents",  from   Washington to Bush.The work

completes in New York recently,      this work lengthDoes not

arrive half-inch,    his work created the     world Record."The

Portraits of 42 American Presidents",

The work image is accurate,   the person facial   expression is

Clear, it is thus clear that.

“The Ballet on Diamond” art work painting on 1mm Diamond

Painter Jin Yin hua artworks of "The 42 American presidential 
portrait painted on a single human hair" Participated in
the “Art Interview -2 quartly International online competition” 
and won the entries.